Day 1 in a sugar addict’s struggle

OK.  I was supposed to start on the alternative protocol on Saturday.  I did great–until supper.  I was working a Mary Kay lead gathering event on Saturday morning, so I ended up skipping lunch and snack, which meant I was absolutely famished by suppertime.  Hmmm… Can we say “poor planning”, boys and girls?

I woke up on Sunday and just knew it was not the day to start the protocol.  However, it was a great day to finish homework, plan menus, and grocery shop.  Oh, and have my last Haagan Daas hand-dipped chocolate ice cream bar at Costco.  So yum!  *contented sigh*  Now, I am ready.

Monday was the day I was going to start and stick with it.  Really.  I did very well, actually.  It was a busy day at work between clients and classes, but I made sure I ate what I was supposed to eat when I was supposed to eat it.  Amazingly enough, I did not feel hungry! 

The hardest part was, again, suppertime.  My mother and grandmother were here.  I had already planned the menu, but I needed to ensure there was food that people not on the protocol could and would eat.  The meal was excellent and I managed to only eat the amounts prescribed. 

The temptation occurred when it came time for dessert.  My sweet tooth was screaming for attention; I denied it.  It was hard, but I was victorious!  I just kept thinking about how I was going to have to face Dr. V on Saturday morning… Deep, cleansing breaths….

Onward to day 2!

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