Day 2 in a sugar addict’s diet

Day 2…It is getting tough.  I was glad I was doing the alternative protocol; I needed the extra food.  Between training clients and teaching an intense cycle class, my body needed the fuel! 

I did very well–for breakfast and lunch.  I ate a bit too much for supper, mainly because I am out of lettuce for salads.  The farm brought Swiss chard in the basket of goodies this week, and I am not quite sure that would make a good salad.  Hmmm…

However, the siren’s call came out about 7:0pm when the children chimed, “What’s for dessert?”.  NOOOO!  I was tired from a long day, and I still had homework and lead calls to make.  Dessert sounded fantastic! 

Thankfully, there was no dessert to be found.  The only two alternatives were to make chocolate milk or melt milk chocolate chips.  As my system is not happy with dairy, I was able to pass on both choices.  A moment on the lips, an evening of stomach cramps–totally not worth it.

One good thing, I have noticed a slight reduction in the bloatedness in the stomach and intestines.  Obviously, there was something I was eating that was causing inflammation through the digestive system.  I had already cleared out gluten and dairy, but maybe I had missed something since I really wasn’t that regimented.  Perhaps since the children eat “normal” foods and I eat gluten-free, dairy-free, I had allowed some cross-contamination.   I will have to watch that in the future.

Here’s hoping day 3 sees a reduction in the desire for sweets.  I am getting grumpy!

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