Day 3 in a sugar addict’s diet

Day 3…I feel like I am barely able to focus.  You know that feeling the day after a long trip when you feel cloudy-brained and heavy-limbed?  Well, that’s me.  I so very badly want to just eat a peppermint patty or have a soy hot chocolate from Starbuck’s, but I am resisting…Barely.

It is amazing me that I feel so poorly when all I am cutting is simple sugar.  My body is acting as if it is out of fuel all the time.  I’m not hungry; in fact, my fuel intake is commensurate with my energy levels, so I am not starving myself. 

I did cave at suppertime when my will power was at its weakest.  My second child graduated from 6th grade, and the children wanted to go to Five Guys after the ceremony.  I love Five Guys fries!  I managed to not have too many; there were four of us sharing the fries, and I made sure the boys got the most.  I go to see Dr V Friday evening.  We will see if those fries show up. 

Grawp!  I want chocolate…

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